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Yoav Harris (born 1969) is from South Africa and an impressionist in a unique style with palette knife and oil paint.

To draw comes naturally and at the age of 7 Yoav already created hand drawings above average, his parents already knew that this God given talent will be part of his life.

You can feel the effect of his paintings where you get drawn in to the story of each painting itself. People can relate to his paintings where his ability with the palette knives reflects time, decay, poverty, love, sadness, joy, despair or specific anthropology with real life drama.

Paintings with the utmost compassion and indication that the viewer must stop and think and wonder with the questions, "How, Why, Who, What and When?"

Yoav is a self-taught artist and finds inspiration in photos or daily events and he even try to hide a message in the background of his paintings where it comes more prominently to the front in colors or in the story of the painting itself.

Issues of daily life's vibrancy and its characters provides Yoav with the most suitable subject matter in terms of atmosphere and emotional content. In 2009 he started with palette knives and very quickly understood how to construct color in layers of oil paint.

Antoinette Lessing (70+) from Pretoria gave Yoav in the year 2012 a deeper insight in color mixing and from January 2016 Yoav is under the mentorship of Art Professor Johan Conradie where he is taught for the first time to confront his fear on the canvas.

From 2016 Yoav is constantly pushing himself to new levels in his paintings and works very hard with passion and with the love of art itself. The vision of Yoav is that his art will be known by many people across all race and religion and that a message will be spoken into each culture without words, but with strokes of color.

Yoav married Adel Bam in September 2000. They have a daughter Gillian and son Edwin and both already show the signs of artistic behaviour.

is using the Artist name Yoav Harris